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World Cup latest score and updates as Kohli nears century and Iyer hits 50

India and New Zealand go head-to-head in the very first of the Cricket Globe Mug semi-finals when they clash in Mumbai. The Globe Mug hosts efficiently finished their team phase project unbeaten, winning all 9 of their suits, and authorizing off with a knocking of the Netherlands on Sunday to keep their tag as the competition favourites.

Rohit Sharma leads an outstanding side with hostile opener Shubman Gill, epic batter Virat Kohli and a variety of striking bowling choices from Jasprit Bumrah to Kuldeep Yadav.

Though they bring all the energy right into the knockout phases India will certainly fidget for this ko video game. They likewise covered the team phase standings in England 4 years ago prior to shedding to New Zealand in the semis at Old Trafford.

New Zealand, on the other hand, began the competitors in stunning style with a significant sway England prior to stammering in the direction of the knockout rounds complying with a collection of injuries to vital employees. They have actually gotten to one more white-ball competition semi-final and have the experience to test India today.

Comply with all the activity from the semi-final listed below plus obtain all the Cricket Globe Mug probabilities and ideas below:

India vs New Zealand

  • India handle New Zealand in the Cricket Globe Mug semi-final in Mumbai

  • The hosts went unbeaten in 9 team phase suits

  • India won the throw and selected to bat

  • Arch! Rohit out for 47! ct Williamson b Southee – India 71-1

  • Shubman Gill 50! India 109-1

  • Shubman Gill retires pain for 79 – India 164-1

  • Virat Kohli 50! India 194-1

  • Iyer 50! India 269-1

Iyer 50! India 270-1 Kohli 89, Iyer 51, Santner 0-49 (9 )

11:17, Sonia Twigg

Every run is being applauded, and with every limit the followers get on their feet. They wish to see a century from Kohli, yet it is Iyer that may reach his turning point initially as he surrounds a half century.

And brings it up from 35 spheres, his 4th successive 50, he can actually go all out currently. 5 songs from the more than.

India 264-1 (36) Kohli 85, Iyer 49, Boult 0-59 (7 )

11:13, Sonia Twigg

Kohli has actually introduced the very first round of the following over for a border nevertheless, equally as the stress had actually been beginning to develop from the maiden, and it is launched, he carries on to 85.

Iyer has actually been even more striking, his 4th 6, which one went a lengthy method right into the group! He follows it up with a blinked 4 from a complete throw, he is actually tipping up the stress below with simply under 15 overs staying.

That was an enormous over, 17 runs from it.

India 248-1 (35) K0hli 80, Iyer 38, Santner 0-44 (8 )

11:09, Sonia Twigg

Santner enjoys his 8th over. yet he has actually bowled well and liquidates a maiden, I assume that is the very first among the innings.

India 247-1 (34) Kohli 80, Iyer 38, Phillips 0-33 (5 )

11:05, Sonia Twigg

Phillips will certainly proceed, and Kohli has actually ended up being the gamer with one of the most runs in a solitary Cricket Globe Mug, with 674, surpassing Sachin Tendulkar.

Iyer has actually introduced one more 6 down the ground. New Zealand are actually battling to include below, and they have not had the ability to take gates all suit.

An additional 10 runs from the more than.

India 238-1 (33) Kohli 78, Iyer 30, Southee 1-54 (6 )

11:02, Sonia Twigg

Southee will certainly have his 6th below. India are getting in a duration where they simply need to maintain points going and with 9 gates in hand (together with Gill that retired pain) they can get to an amazing rating.

Iyer has actually simply wrecked an enormous 6 down the ground, 72 metres it took a trip right into the stands, and it’s beginning to seem like there is absolutely nothing the Kiwis can do to quit this.

Conway needs to dive on the limit to avoid one more.

India 226-1 (32) Kohli 74, Iyer 22, Phillips 0-23 (4 )

10:57, Sonia Twigg

Rate has actually not brought the advancement, so New Zealand reverse to the spin of Phillips, and instantly Iyer has a solitary to bring Kohli on strike.

And Kohli has one more, simply reversed the edge for yet one more limit.

The concern is coming to be can anything quit India currently?

India 221-1 (31) Kohli 70, Iyer 21, Boult 0-42 (6 )

10:50, Sonia Twigg

Kohli has one more limit off Boult, New Zealand are looking for solutions in exactly how to quit this, for that a person he simply opened up the face and once more it was broad of the fielder.

Boult attempted to draw it back later on, yet the Kiwis are up versus it, and 450 is not impossible.

India 214-1 (30) Kohli 65, Iyer 19, Southee 1-42 (5 )

10:45, Sonia Twigg

Southee, that has the only arch up until now, will certainly return to from the various other end. New Zealand require a gate quickly to quit India batting them out of the video game, that has to do with the dimension of the formula presently.

And Kohli has actually whipped one away off his pads for a significant 6, it resembles he is speeding up below, and India get on program for an enormous overall, possibly the highest possible of the competition up until now.

India 203-1 (29) Kohli 57, Iyey 16, Boult 0-35 (5 )

10:41, Sonia Twigg

Boult enters the strike, and has actually been sent off initially round for 4 by Kohli. He has actually struck that over the ring on the off side and to the limit to raise India’s 200.

Yet afterwards there were simply songs, he maintained bowling in at the batters from broad in the fold.

India 197-1 (28) Kohli 52, Iyer 15, Ferguson 0-43 (6 )

10:37, Sonia Twigg

Ferguson will certainly bowl his sixth over, and he has actually maintained points tight, simply the 3 runs from the over, yet India are strongly in control of this innings.

Kohli 50! India 194-1 (27) Kohli 50, Iyer 14, Ravindra 0-30 (4 )

10:33, Sonia Twigg

New Zealand have actually brought the India run price to under 7 runs per over, and they are simply beginning to maintain points limited.

Yet Iyer fees down the ground and wrecks Ravindra back over his go to 6 – that will certainly be the 600th 6 of the competition also.

Yet he borders the following round, it mosts likely to the limit for 4 yet it was simply broad of Southee on the side of the ring which was nearly an opportunity. It was slower and broader and Iyer was attracted right into the shot yet it was simply a foot broad of Southee.

Kohli raises his 50 with a struck down the ground from the last round of the more than for a solitary! 50 from 59 spheres.

India 181-1 (26) Kohli 48, Shreyas 4, Ferguson 0-41 (5 )

10:28, Sonia Twigg

Ferguson will certainly proceed, and Kohli has actually simply begun to press on below, since Gill has actually retired. A 2 off Ferguson takes him on 47.

An additional baby bouncer from Ferguson is much better guided this moment, and while he had actually been wrecked to the limit, Kohli simply eludes out of the method of that a person.

Kohli ends up the over on 48.

India 177-1 (25) Kohli 44, Shreyas 4, Ravindra 0-18 (3 )

10:25, Sonia Twigg

Ravindra will certainly bowl from the various other end, he has actually bowled all right up until now without resembling taking a gate – yet that exact same objection might be claimed for a great deal of the bowlers up until now.

Just Southee has the one arch, with Gill out retired pain for 79.

Kohli is nearing a half century below nevertheless.

India 173-1 (24) Kohli 41, Iyer 3, Ferguson 0-38 (4 )

10:22, Sonia Twigg

With the brand-new batter brings a shot of rate, Williamson has actually transformed to Lockie Ferguson.

He has been one of the most costly of the bowlers up until now, yet could he confirm harder for Shreyas?

Kohli has actually transformed one round the edge to the limit so it is not triggering him any kind of concerns!

Gill retires on 79! India 165-1 (23) Iyer 1 Kohli 35, Santner 0-44 (7 )

10:17, Sonia Twigg

Yet in spite of the boosting stress to discover an advancement, Santner will certainly proceed, and Kohli has actually sent off a brief round to the limit for 4.

That has actually struck so easily, and he has actually racked up even more runs than any individual in the competition and might include much more to that overall today.

Gill was simply obtaining some therapy in the severe warm in Mumbai, and will certainly not have the ability to proceed! He hindered down in the direction of the various other end making that last run and will certainly need to leave the area.

Shreyas Iyer needed to appear to the fold for the last 2 shipments, with Iyer off the mark with the last round.

India 157-1 (22) Gill 78, Kohli 29, Phillips 0-18 (3 )

10:09, Sonia Twigg

Phillips will certainly maintain going, rotate from both ends appears to be functioning, although gates in hand is much more crucial at this phase of the video game, it enables velocity later on, and specifically with these 2 in.

Eoin Morgan thinks Kiwi captain Kane Williamson is under a significant quantity of stress and need to transform to his wicket-takers.

India 153-1 (21) Gill 76, Kohli 27, Santner 0-36 (5 )

10:06, Sonia Twigg

Santner is currently right into his 6th over below, yet this set was a great deal tighter and far better, simply 3 runs from it, all songs.

India 150-1 (20) Gill 74, Kohli 26, Phillips 0-14 (2 )

10:02, Sonia Twigg

Phillips will certainly proceed, yet this moment Gill has actually boiled down the ground and hit over the top for one more 6.

There had actually simply been a number of quieter overs, yet that will certainly launch any kind of stress that was developed, and New Zealand are battling a little bit below.

India have the 150 from simply 20 overs, and there are still 30 to go, they might be on program for an enormous overall below.

India 142-1

09:59, Sonia Twigg

Right here’s a check out among the tales from earlier today, when David Beckham was a shock participant at the Cricket Globe Mug semi-final:

David Beckham was a shock visitor at the Cricket Globe Mug semi-final in between hosts India and New Zealand in Mumbai.

Beckham strolled on the pitch prior to the suit started with batting tale Sachin Tenduklar, that presented the Inter Miami proprietor to the Indian gamers, and they after that took their seats to enjoy the face-off versus the Black Caps.

David Beckham makes shock look at Cricket Globe Mug semi-final in India

India 142-1 (19) Gill 67, Kohli 25, Santner 0-33 (5 )

09:58, Sonia Twigg

Santner will certainly proceed, although the India batters have actually obtained after him a bit today.

After the very first 4 spheres, they have actually simply been limited to songs, Santner has actually been required to bowl quicker, yet it appears to be functioning a little, although he has actually not been that intimidating.

Simply 4 runs from the more than.

India 138-1 (18) Gill 65, Kohli 23, Phillips 0-6 (1 )

09:56, Sonia Twigg

Glenn Phillips has actually been prompted for the very first time in the semi-final. New Zealand require to stem the circulation of runs, yet likewise take one more arch from someplace.

6 runs from his very first over.

India 132-1 (17) Gill 63, Kohli 19, Santner 0-29 (4 )

09:51, Sonia Twigg

Gill has actually simply boiled down the pitch and wrecked Santner back over his go to 6, it was brilliant use the feet and he has actually made a great link to send out the round flying over the view displays.

He follows it up with one more limit, yet this moment it was well-weighted, a little bit of space and he plays a specialist late cut to the limit in between 3rd guy and factor.

India 121-1 (16) Gill 53, Kohli 18, Ravindra 0-13 (2 )

09:47, Sonia Twigg

Ravindra’s 2nd over has actually been a great deal tighter, simply the 3 runs from it and all in songs, yet it does raise the 50 collaboration in between Gill and Kohli.

India 118-1 (15) Gill 52, Kohli 16, Santner 0-18 (3 )

09:41, Sonia Twigg

After his very first over which went with 11, Santner has actually maintained procedures tight, which will certainly raise beverages.

India have actually left to a flying begin, and have the optimal system to place on an enormous rating, while the Kiwis will certainly be up versus it to limit their racking up and maintain the overall to something chaseable.

India 114-1 (14) Gill 50, Kohli 14, Ravindra 0-11 (1 )

09:37, Sonia Twigg

Kohli has actually participated the activity with a 4 which will certainly bring an end to Ravindra’s opening over which went with 10.

Shubman Gill 50! India 109-1

09:35, Sonia Twigg

Rachin Ravindra will certainly enter the strike for the very first time today, and his very first round went with 2, yet Gill has his half century!

He brings it up with a solitary, and has 50 from 41 shipments.

India 104-1 (13) Gill 49, Kohli 5, Ferguson 0-30 (3 )

09:33, Sonia Twigg

Gill has actually played Ferguson right into the air, yet it was likewise right into the void and he – and India – include one more limit to their already-impressive overall.

The following shipment is introduced right into the air for a large 6, to bring the hundred up for India and it likewise sees Gill go on to 48.

India 92-1 (12) Gill 38, Kohli 4, Santner 0-14 (2 )

09:28, Sonia Twigg

Currently out of the powerplay, Santner has actually returned right into the strike, his very first over went with 11, yet with the additional fielders permitted out, he might yet confirm extra reliable.

The very first 3 overs were dots, and Gill has actually not had the ability to discover the size, yet the one that gets on his pads was brushed up away to the limit for 2.

India 89-1 (11) Gill 35, Kohli 4, Southee 1-31 (4 )

09:25, Sonia Twigg

Southee, that has actually taken the only arch up until now has actually returned on, yet Gill has one more limit, flipped right into the leg side and right into the void.

He has actually played effectively today, not as eruptive as Sharma, yet he has actually looked strong at the fold.

India 84-1 (10) Gill 30, Kohli 4, Ferguson 0-18 (2 )

09:20, Sonia Twigg

Gill has one more limit, which was a slow-ball half-tracked shipment and all the batter needed to do was helpthe round on its method.

He follows it up with one more 4, which was not the very best round, Ferguson has actually attempted to bang it simply put on a slow-paced pitch and Gill has actually simply wrecked it to the limit.

India 75-1 (9) Gill 21, Kohli 4, Southee 1-16 (3 )

09:16, Sonia Twigg

Ahead of the semi-final phase, Kohli had extra runs than any kind of various other play on the planet Mug up until now, yet he has actually appeared to the fold after the arch of the India captain.

And nearly instantly there is a large yell for lbw, the round has actually competed off the pad in the direction of the limit, yet New Zealand have actually chosen to evaluate … yet there is a little spike as the round passed by the bat and Kohli makes it through.

Arch! Rohit out for 47! ct Williamson b Southee – India 71-1

09:12, Sonia Twigg

Arch! That was simply what New Zealand required and it was a marvelous catch from Kane Williamson.

The Kiwi captain was running in reverse and took the catch over his shoulder, and it was a best slower round from Tim Southee, that simply allow it await the air, requiring Rohit to alter the round right into the air instead of easily striking it as he had actually done in the past.

India 70-0 (8) Rohit 47, Gill 20, Ferguson 0-9 (1 )

09:08, Sonia Twigg

After the spin of Santner did not reduce the circulation of runs, Williamson has actually transformed to Lockie Ferguson.

Yet it has actually not made a distinction and it was Gill that has actually driven this to the cover-point limit, the opener simply needed to wait on that and provided on the round which was right right into the void.

An additional almost-boundary, quit just by a flying quit from Southee, that dived outstretched and maintained it in, it was just a mild press yet it has actually flown.

India 61-0 (7) Rohit 47, Gill 11, Boult 0-29 (4 )

09:03, Sonia Twigg

Boult will certainly proceed, he has actually bowled a broad, it was nearby from the pad or bat of Sharma, yet it was one more additional to the overall.

General it was a much better over from Boult, simply the 3 runs from it.

India 58-0 (6) Rohit 45, Gill 11, Santner 0-11 (1 )

08:57, Sonia Twigg

New Zealand have actually transformed to rotate, and it may have come with the correct time as there was not a great deal available for the seamers.

Rohit has actually flipped away a border to raise the 50 in the 6th over! It was nearby from the fielder though.

Yet the following one is no place near, that has actually been introduced right into the 2nd rate, and he is currently surrounding a half-century.

India 47-0 (5) Rohit 34, Gill 11, Boult 0-26 (3 )

08:54, Sonia Twigg

Rohit has actually wrecked one more 6, and India are motoring along below. That was a baby bouncer, yet on a slow-moving pitch it simply stayed up and the India captain made indisputable sending off that!

Gill has actually not been as striking as his captain, yet he has actually not begun gradually either below, and currently has a number of limits.

India 38-0 (4) Rohit 27, Gill 9, Southee 0-21 (2 )

08:48, Sonia Twigg

Southee has actually been a little bit tighter this over, in spite of the 3rd round going with a broad, yet the one later on was a little bit brief and Rohit has actually drawn it effortlessly to the limit.

He follows it up with a snapped 6 over deep square leg, for a long period of time the fielder on the limit was interested, yet he might just enjoy as it went down over his heads in the stands.

India 25-0 (3) Rohit 16, Gill 8, Boult 0-17 (2 )

08:43, Sonia Twigg

There is an unique absence of sideways motion for Boult and Southee which is what they prosper on, specifically on top of the innings.

Rohit has actually billed Boult and wrecked him for 6! That was an unbelievable shot. It is an actual declaration from the hosts’ captain.

India 18-0 (2) Rohit 10, Gill 8, Southee 0-8 (1 )

08:39, Sonia Twigg

Tim Southee will certainly bowl from the various other end, New Zealand will certainly be trying to find a very early arch, while if India can develop a solid system, with their batting align, there is no restriction for runs they can rack up.

Gill has his very first limit, not a wonderful shipment from Southee, it was simply discharged at his pads on the fifty percent battery and the India young person has simply steadly flipped it away for 4.

The following round likewise brought a border yet it was a little bit extra fortunate, Gill progressed down the pitch yet a within side blinked past the leg stump and competed to the limit behind the caretaker.

India 10-0 (1) Rohit 10, Gill 0, Boult 0-10 (1 )

08:34, Sonia Twigg

Rohit is off the mark very first round with a 2 simply flipped off the legs right into the leg side, it defeated the in-field yet really did not rather have adequate rate to reach the limit.

The following one is tilted throughout Rohit and he simply protects it.

Yet the very first limit originates from the 4th round, a little bit of panache, he winds up on one leg and flicks it simply over brief midwicket and to the limit rope.

An additional 4 comes this set cover driven down the ground past mid off, and will certainly bring one more limit.

That has actually been an outstanding begin with India.

India vs New Zealand

08:30, Sonia Twigg

It’s time for the begin of the suit, Boult will certainly be bowling the very first over versus Sharma.

India vs New Zealand

08:25, Sonia Twigg

It’s time for the anthems, initially it will certainly be New Zealand, after that India.

India vs New Zealand

08:24, Sonia Twigg

Right here are some pictures of gamers in the heat up:

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Pictures)

 (AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP using Getty Images)

 (AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP using Getty Images)

India vs New Zealand

08:18, Sonia Twigg

The gamers are preparing yourself, and it will certainly quickly be time for the nationwide anthems.

India vs New Zealand

08:10, Sonia Twigg

Kane Williamson claimed he would certainly likewise have actually batted initially.

Williamson claimed: “An amazing occasion, four years ago a similar situation but in a different location. We’re looking forward to the challenge ahead, they’ve been playing good cricket but so have we.”

India vs New Zealand

08:07, Sonia Twigg

New Zealand will certainly likewise be the same.

India vs New Zealand

08:06, Sonia Twigg

India have actually won the throw and determined to bat initially with Rohit Sharma claiming it looked a great pitch and a little bit on the slower side also.

The captain included: “I think it was way back in 2019 when we played that semi-final, New Zealand has been one of the consistent teams over the years so it’s good, it will be a good contest.

“I think it’s a very important day but I’ve been talking about how good it is to turn up on that day.”

India will certainly be the same.

Is India v New Zealand on Television? Network, time and exactly how to enjoy Cricket Globe Mug semi-final

08:00, Luke Baker

India and New Zealand fulfill in Mumbai in the very first Cricket Globe Mug semi-final.

The hosts ended their team phase project unbeaten, once more exciting in a knocking of the Netherlands on Sunday to keep energy right into the knockout phases.

Yet India likewise covered the team phase standings 4 years ago prior to being dropped by the Black Caps at Old Trafford.

New Zealand have actually endured a collection of injuries to get to one more white-ball significant competition semi-final and have the big-game pedigree to test the Globe Mug favourites.

Right here’s whatever you require to understand.

Is India v New Zealand on Television? Network, time and exactly how to enjoy Globe Mug semi-final

India vs New Zealand

07:32, Luke Baker

Welcome to The Independent’s live protection of India vs New Zealand as both groups fight it out for an area in the Cricket Globe Mug last.

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